Grandma Thwarts Home Break-in Attempt with Cooking Oil and Hot Water

Lao Tzu was right. There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent. Some robbers in Kenya learnt this the hard way. Six armed robbers met their match when an attempt to break into a house were thwarted by a 91-year-old granny in Eldoret, Kenya. The men who are believed to be part of a […]


Kenyan Man Sends a Marriage Proposal to Queen Elizabeth

A Kenyan man by name Wafula could soon make history after his marriage proposal to Queen Elizabeth was received at the Buckingham Palace. Hours after the position of Prince Consort fell vacant following the death of Prince Philip, Wafula moved with speed and used a private courier service to get his proposal to the queen, […]


114 Year Old Granny Says Secret to Living Long is not Begging for Retweets from Internet Strangers

The oldest living person in Kenya today has finally revealed the secret to longevity. Luckily, it is something within reach for the majority of people in the world. Ms Kanana Kagwiria who hails from Meru County was forced to come out of retirement for the 85th time and address a serious matter that is threatening […]