Isaac Mwaura Apologizes for Kenya Kwanza’s Delay in Fulfilling its Pledge of Causing El Niño in Kenya.

The Kenya Kwanza government has issued a public apology for the delay in fulfilling its campaign promise of bringing El Niño rains to the drought-stricken country. The new government spokesman, Isaac Mwaura, explained that the cause of the delay was a technical error in the KenyaSat satellite, which had mistakenly captured Amazon Web Services Nairobi […]


Sakaja Banking on Current Short Rains to Clean up Nairobi

The promise of a clean Nairobi might soon be a reality after Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja partnered with the ongoing short rains to help clean up the city. Speaking after signing the deal, Sakaja said that the heaps of garbage that have been choking the city will soon be wiped off by runoff water into […]


Country Likely to Experience Dry Conditions If It Does Not Rain Soon – Meteorology Department Warns

The country is likely to suffer from drought if we do not receive rainfall soon the met department has warned. According to Deputy Director of Kenya Meteorological department (KMD), Bernard Chanzu the lack of rain was due to absence of clouds. He also clarified that the current chilly conditions being experienced were due to the […]


Inside the Mind of that Girl Wearing a Short Skirt in this Cold Weather

Kenyan winter is at its peak and everyone is crying, except that girl who is wearing that extremely short skirt in this weather. While fully grown men who go to the gym three times a week and pay all their taxes are shivering in the office, this girl in a short skirt is still holding […]


Chrome Browser named Leading Cause of Global Warming

Google has been declared the leading cause of global warming and this has nothing to do with their power intensive Data Centers, but on the famous Google Chrome browser. In the ranking of the most notorious agents of global warming, the Chrome browser beat other contestants such as private jets, beef production, automobiles, dirty cooking […]


Governor Sonko Blames Cloud Computing for the Poor Weather in Nairobi

Former Nairobi City Governor Mike Sonko has threatened to take stern action against people offering Cloud computing services in Nairobi, blaming them for the bad weather that is being experienced in Nairobi at the moment. Speaking at a local jewelry shop where he spent the day trying out a few blings and studs, Sonko said […]