Magufuli on a Secret Benchmarking Tour at Nairobi Hospital

President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania started a healthcare bench-marking tour at Nairobi Hospital amid tight security and vocal media silence on top the secret event.

The Doctor of Chemistry who is known for his obsession with alternative science and traditional medicine will spend several days at the Nairobi hospital where he will get an opportunity to explore the wonders of modern medicine, something he might be willing to replicate in Tanzania if God grants him a chance to get back to the country.

The trip to Kenya which is a top-secret government affair has not been disclosed to Tanzanians owing to the sensitivity of the matter and government’s policy to keep the adventures of Magufuli away from the hardworking Tanzanians. Rumors going round in Tanzania say that the good president is attending to a few patients at the Nairobi hospital as a sign of his benevolence and commitment to the vision of the East African Community.

It is expected that Magufuli will return to Tanzania after ten days and continue with his work as if he never left, thanks to the good doctors at the Nairobi Hospital. Before he left Tanzania, Magufuli launched a mask brand that makes it easy for Tanzanians to breathe and talk, while protecting them from giant particles of Covid-19.

Long live Magufuli.

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