Elon Musk Doubles Effort on Zero Emission Babies

The world’s richest man and large family ambassador is now shifting his focus on curbing global warming by producing zero emission babies.

Elon Musk – who has led by example by having nine children – says that he is working to ensure that his next four children will be net zero certified and will not contribute to global warming in any way. He said that while the world population was collapsing, the problem of huge carbon footprint caused by humans was something worth tackling.

“You know babies produce a lot of emissions – from both ends. If we could limit this to zero, the world would be a better place and we could delay the climate’s point of no return. The current babies that we have on earth are always in an endless loop of pooping and pissing, burping and farting. I want to innovate around this.”

Diaper Menace

Musk said that there was a ready market for zero emission babies because parents save on time and money spent buying diapers and burping infants.

“As a member of Flatulence Earth society, I believe that the future of humanity lies on net zero babies. By using a combination of seals, biodigesters, starvations and threats, we can influence the next generation of babies to be a little bit more conscious on what they emit.”

Elon Musk noted that his new venture is very much in line with other investments that he has made.

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