EPRA to Regulate Cooking Oil Prices

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) will from next month start regulating the price of cooking oil in Kenya. Following 12 months of rise in price of cooking oil, EPRA wants to regulate the price of the same to ensure that Kenyans are not over exploited by the cartels, considering that 2022 is an […]


Biden Urges Africans to Ditch use of Firewood so that Americans can Continue Enjoying their Mega Trucks Guilt Free

US President Joe Biden has called on Africans to ditch the use of firewood and other biomass fuels so that Americans can continue driving their extra-large SUVs and mega trucks without climate guilt. Speaking at the sidelines of the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, Biden said that the Burden of achieving a net zero […]


Mutahi Kagwe Reveals the Formula Used to Cook Covid-19 Stats

Kenyans can now learn the secrets of the kitchen that is used to cook Covid-19 statistics after Mutahi Kagwe revealed the formula so that Kenyans can do the cooking themselves. After nearly 18 months of intensive cookery, potlucking and general kitchen gymnastics that are employed to keep the media well fed and Kenyans satisfied. Donors […]


Meet Njeff Mbesus from Tala who Just Invented an Automatic Ugali Maker

Kenyan innovators continue to receive global attention even as the manufacturing sector continues to rest in peace in the midst of Covid-19. Laikipia County started with BJ-50, and another engineer followed with an electric car that is powered by a diesel generator. This time round, a self-trained engineer has made an invention that will cause […]


The Curse of Having More than Two Avocados

Having more than two avocados in the house is like dancing with the devil. It is cool, but there is a price. Here we take you through the full journey that you should expect should you have more than two. Day n You just stored your avocados in a safe environment where they are not […]