Premium Tears as House Helps Cut off Toxic Employers

Tears, panic, desperation and chest pains have rocked many households in Kenya as the current transfer window of house helps closes, with many househelps opting to cut ties with their employers. Reports indicate that most househelps have opted to cut off their toxic employers, leaving over 240,000 families stranded with no sense of order or […]


Lastborns Officially Recognized as Bread Losers

The Division of Social Policy and Development of the United Nations Secretariat has called for the recognition of lastborns as the official bread losers of the family. Seeking to make matters official on something that many people have known, the Secretariat said that lastborns were known to be the financial sinkholes for families and it […]


Alarm as Kenyan Teens Opt for Virtual Parents

Most people alive today grew up with omnipresent parents who were present and active, especially when you needed them to keep distance. The trend is changing. Dozens of Kenyan teens are now opting to have virtual parents as opposed to ‘brick and mortar’ humans who are always hovering over their heads wherever they are. It […]


98% of House Helps Work in Toxic Environments

Almost all the 267,000 househelps working in Kenyan households have termed their work environments toxic and dysfunctional. The domestic workers who play a critical role in running of the country have ended up getting the short end of the stick as their employers who are always complaining about their working conditions perpetuate the same conditions […]


Men will be Extinct by 2100 – Caroline Mutoko

If you are a man, forget about climate change because your gender may not live long enough to see it. A research has shown that the males of the human species will not see the dusk of the century and the best they can hope for is late 2090s. Carried out by the human genome […]

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Government Urges Small Families to Merge and Save on Rent

Families are hard hit with Covid-19 and the government has the perfect solution. Small families should merge and save on one rent! In what turns out to be the most brilliant family fiscal policy during Covid-19, families of less than five people will be required to merge and save on one rent. This will go […]


Parents Claim that Internal Self-Governance is Just Wishful Thinking

On a day when Kenya is celebrating internal self-governance, also known as Madaraka, many people are questioning the whole idea of self governance and most parents now think it is a form of wishful thinking. Speaking to Postamate, most parents wondered where the notion that one can govern themselves without external influence came from, saying […]


Lastborn Admitted to ICU in Critical Condition After Washing Two Cups

An unidentified lastborn was yesterday admitted to Nairobi Hospital after suffering from chronic fatigue following a heavy days work that involved cleaning two cups. The 19-year-old was wheeled into the emergency section complaining of a possible multiple organ failure as there was pain all over his body, and a serious overwork-induced-headache. The hospital was brought […]