How to Own a Home in Nairobi on a 20k Salary

Everybody wants to own a house in the depressive city of Nairobi. The only problem is that it costs money, and everybody does not have money. How then can one make it work? If you earn KShs 20,000 per month in Nairobi, there is a sure way to be a property owner in Nairobi. It […]


Inside the Mind of that Girl Wearing a Short Skirt in this Cold Weather

Kenyan winter is at its peak and everyone is crying, except that girl who is wearing that extremely short skirt in this weather. While fully grown men who go to the gym three times a week and pay all their taxes are shivering in the office, this girl in a short skirt is still holding […]


22,413 NGOs in Nairobi Supporting 19,768 Street Families

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services has sounded alarm over the huge number of Non-Governmental Organizations that are dealing with street families in Nairobi. This is after 22,413 NGOs registered with NMS to serve the 19,768 street families in Nairobi. NMS chief Maj-Gen Badi said that managing the big number of NGOs had become even more complicated […]


Governor Sonko Blames Cloud Computing for the Poor Weather in Nairobi

Former Nairobi City Governor Mike Sonko has threatened to take stern action against people offering Cloud computing services in Nairobi, blaming them for the bad weather that is being experienced in Nairobi at the moment. Speaking at a local jewelry shop where he spent the day trying out a few blings and studs, Sonko said […]


NMS: Repainting Nairobi Will End Traffic Jams

While the world is grappling with a pandemic with Kenyan cases of Covid-19 on the rise, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services decided it was time to get the nation’s capital in order. “I think we can all agree that this is long overdue” said General Abdi in a room full of paint buckets. The Arts and […]


Sakaja: I am the one who Arrested the Policemen

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has denied claims that he was arrested at the Ladies Lounge in Kilimani and spent the night at the Kilimani Police Station, instead saying that he is the one who arrested the policemen. Speaking exclusively to PostaMate on phone, Sakaja said that he was at the lounge to investigate claims that […]


Panic as Skyplasts Make their Way into Kilimani and Lavington

Residents of Kilimani in Nairobi are calling for government intervention after an influx of skyplasts into the formerly coveted neighborhood. The black piece of water container which comes in varied sizes to meet different poverty levels is the most distinct hardware in any home in Nairobi. For many years, it has been limited to the […]


‘There is no free food in Ushago’ Nairobi Residents Warned

Nairobians started a mass migration to the village today after the cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi was lifted. Most of the people were escaping hostile economic conditions in the city following loss of jobs and income due to Covid-19. It did not help that the Landlords never noticed the pandemic so the […]


Nairobi Named Richest City in Africa after Number of Laptops Stolen Everyday Increases to 228

Nairobi has reclaimed the top spot as the richest city in Africa after the number of laptops stolen everyday increased to 228. In the statistics that were released by a consortium of city policing departments in Africa, Nairobi tops all other African cities in laptop theft, a good indicator of wealth. So rich is the […]


Ndakaini Dam only 19% Full

Despite the heavy rains that are pounding all parts of Kenya, causing floods, landslides and other forms of destructions, there is one mystery that no one can solve. The dam that supplies Nairobians with water is not responding to the rains. With all the seven forks dams full and spilling over, the one dam that […]