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Kasarani Mwiki Residents asked to try Farming if Uncomfortable with the Pothole Ridden Road

Residents of Kasarani Mwiki area have been urged to venture into agri-travel by planting trees in the pothole ridden road, even as demonstrations entered the 7th day.  Speaking to the media, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of roads said that police have been spraying a lot of water on the demonstrators and the only viable […]


Al-Shabaab Joins the Fight Against Locusts in Kenya

The fight against swarms of desert locusts invading Eastern and North Eastern Kenya has received a major boost after Al Shabaab decided to join the fight against the marauding insects. In a press conference, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Agriculture noted that the militant group would work alongside the Kenya Police who are already […]


Kenya Ditches Maize as the Staple Food

In an attempt to curb acute food shortage, Kenyans officially dropped maize from their staple food with effect from 1st July. This follows reports that the country has experienced maize shortage 54 times in the last 53 years, and government officials claiming that western governments have conspired with maize to slow down the economic growth […]