Karen Hospital to Kenyans: “We are not a National Grandfather”

The Karen Hospital has run out of all possible polite words that they can use. They now want Kenyans to learn that hospitals do not have infinite resources and capacity to admit everyone without a form of discrimination.

Responding to Kenyans on criticizing the hospital on social media, the hospital went for the jugular.

“It is very hypocritical for Kenyans to demand that we admit everyone who shows up even if we have no capacity. The same people are the ones who condemn Kenyatta National Hospital for letting patients sleep on hospital benches. What are we supposed to do?”

Pay or Get Well

In the conversation from the hospital’s Board Room that was overheard by Postamate, the management seemed to have given up on Kenyans who want the hospital to play the government role, yet the same Kenyans are OK with a sick government. They lamented that they are forced to take over the role of the Ministry of Health when all they want is to make a cup of coffee after treating the patients.

“Even for admissions we cannot just admit everyone who walks into the hospital. We have to discriminate against some people based on many factors, the same way you who are complaining never attended Brookhouse school because you could not afford.”

Business Unusual

Citing the commercial aspects of running a hospital, Karen Hospital seemed ready operate on all Kenyans without anesthesia.

“At the heart of it all is the need to be commercially viable. We cannot bleed money because we do not have the money. Someone has to pay for the electricity, the water, the rent, the doctors and even the food! We cannot simply admit all Kenyans and hope somehow the hospital will continue running with no financial input. It can’t happen. It won’t happen. Our drugs will run tomorrow and our staff will strike next month. Is that what you want?”

“If Kenyans want a healthcare system where every person will be catered for, let them ask the government to do it. They can vote for the hospital to be transplanted to Statehouse.”

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